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Marfan Syndrome Disorder

Marfan Syndrome Disorder Marfan syndrome In the early centuries some people might have had Marfan syndrome. Most will ask â€Å"What is Marfan Syndrome?† or â€Å"Do I have Marfan syndrome?† But our scientists answer theses questions about Marfan syndrome. Marfan syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects the connective tissue. Some in what the connective tissue does or provides is substances that support tendons, ligaments, blood vessel walls, carilages, heart valves and many other structures. In 1896 Antoine Marfan, a French doctor, discovered Marfan syndrome when he had a patient. As a boy who was fourteen years old (the patient), wanted to always become a basketball champ or at least a player but his coach didnt like the way he looks so the fourteen year old boy went to see Dr. Marfan. The doctor first didnt see but then finally he saw the problem. The young boy was more than 6 and a half feet tall. He was really skinny and had long arms, legs, and fingers. He told the young man to avoid team sports because he might have a blood vessel problem too. After investigating the young boy Then soon the doctor then named this disorder Marfan syndrome, after himself. Over the years some scientists began experimenting about Marfan syndrome and how it affects the human body. Trying to look at all the people with it and how bad it has diagnosed everyone. They soon discovered that every child with a parent that has Marfan syndrome has a 50% chance of getting it passed on to them. Although Marfan syndrome affects one person in every five thousand all over the world it is really rare. A lot of people are diagnosed with Marfan syndrome but it isnt that much noticeable to many people. You may look at a friend that is tall and skinny but that doesnt mean that they have Marfan syndrome. They might of just grown up that way in how well they ate or how well they had activity in their young childhood. If you want to find out if you have Marfan syndrome you need to go to four different doctors. You must check in with the geneticist first, then a cardiologist, an ophthalmologist, and finally an orthopedist. The geneticist looks at your disorders from genes of the family that you came from. (To see if anyone else had the disorder). A cardiologist looks at your heart and tests it out to see if you have any problems.(making sure if you have a heart related disease)Then an ophthalmologist checks your eyes to see if you have any huge or an enlarged pupils. And finally you check into and orthopedist for your bones. During this procedure the doctor(s) will check your arms, legs, ribs, fingers, and back to catch any problems or aches. Children with Marfan syndrome need to go to many doctors every single year for a long time. Because kids change and grow so quickly they got to be healthy and clean. Children with Marfan syndrome that have heart included problems need to take medicines called beta blockers, which help their heart stay on function and not leak through. Some kids even need surgery if they have a serious problem that is including Marfan syndrome. Kids with lazy eye will mostly need to wear glasses, and children with scoliosis need to wear a special back brace to help their back grow straight. As you know that many children need to get used to doing this at a very young age. Do people with Marfan syndrome have a long life? People with Marfan syndrome dont have as much chances as normal people to live up to one hundred of years old. They can but they arent really able to move. They are not as healthy to live a long life. They can not live a long life because they cant do many activities that exercise your body well enough and their hearts can not function well enough. Most people that have Marfan syndrome can not play most activities like soccer, football, hockey, tennis, and more energetic sports. They might play some games that more come and not as energetic. Most doctors might even say that they should not except to play team games. This genetic disorder (Marfan syndrome) affects mostly all people all over the world. Although you may see most boys have it, girls get affected by it more harmfully. They stop breathing or even need surgery. Females and males still do get infected by this rare disease but they still like the way their lives are. Marfan syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by a mutation in the fibrillin gene. This Misshapen in the fibrillin produced from the mutation weakens the tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissues in the human body. Marfan syndrome is a dominant trait. Meaning that two out of four children have the disorder or disease. The baby is born with this disorder and it is unusual that you will get after you birth. Many people have been doing research on the history of Marfan syndrome and they think that Abraham Lincoln might have been affected by Marfan syndrome. They think that Abraham Lincoln had Marfan syndrome because he was very tall, had long fingers that were elongated. Today, Marfan syndrome has received attention in the media largely as a result of health problems and deaths among very tall athletes, such as most basketball players and volleyball players. In the United States, it has been estimated that 40,000 or more people have Marfan syndrome. From back then to right now people have been diagnosed badly with Marfan syndrome. Some lost lives, some got serious surgeries, and some just got hurt. Marfan syndrome has got around for ages and will still continue to the future until somebody finds a cure. Some scientists are finding new ways to help the people who have Marfan syndrome but some are just normally finding a cure. Only if this terrible disease didnt hurt the world championship players that have helped the world.

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Why Do Managers Prefer to Pay Dividend in Cash? Essay -- Business, Sto

The study makes use of the financial data on Pakistani listed firms for 2001-2008 to look at the objective behind distribution of cash dividends. Based on the analysis it is found that poorly performing firms listed on Karachi Stock Market (KSE) having larger portion of non-tradable shares pay cash dividends. Because the holders of non-tradable shares (directors and block-holders) do not/cannot realize capital gains from positive change in the price of their holdings. The study finds that cash dividend distribution behavior of the poorly-performing firms is subjected to what the directors and block-holders prefer. The result advocates the findings of Faccio, Lang and Young (2006), Chen, Fung and Leung (2007) regarding cash channeling hypothesis. Key words: non-tradable shares; cash dividends; cash channeling hypothesis 1. Introduction Dividend policy for a firm means whether to pay or not pay; whether to pay in cash, in stocks or both in cash and stocks and how frequently to pay. Why do firms distribute cash dividends when they observe a decline in their earnings? Why not stock repurchases? Why not stock dividend? To look at this research issue, the research will evaluate the cash dividend distribution behavior of firms in light of different ownership structures having trading restrictions. KSE is a developing market of the region with not a sound regulatory framework. There is a shortage of managerial talent in the firms listed on the market. So it is reasonable to say that as compare to firms listed on the developed markets of United States and Europe, the firms listed on KSE do not observe good corporate governance practices generally. Louis Cheng, Fung Leung (2004). Moreover, to protect shareholder... ...ent variables i.e., Director Ownership, Financial institutions ownership, Block-holders’ ownership to examine the relation with the dependent variable which is Cash-Dividend-to-assets. But there are some other variables that also affect the cash dividend distribution behavior of a firm. To control for that effect the study include those variables in the model. The control variables are Debt-to-Assets, Free Cash Flow per Share, Free Cash Flow to Assets, Earning per Share, Size of the firm and Return on Assets. 4. Results and Discussion 4.1 Descriptive Statistics Table 4.1 provides summary statistics of Cash Dividend to Assets, Director Ownership, Financial institutions ownership, Block-holders ownership, Free Cash flow to Assets, Earnings per Share Debt-to-Assets ratio, Return on Assets and firm size (LnAssets) of the sampled firms for the period 2001 to 2008.

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A Small Excerpt From My Autobiography Essay

Insecurity shrouded me like a cold blanket. I wanted to cry, but the tears evaded my pale cheeks, held back by the numbness, the shrill, shrieking numbness that flowed though my veins chilling my blood. Comprehension escaped my every thought. My entire world had just collapsed instantaneously, like a fragile tower built from a pack of old decrepit playing cards. Yet my skeleton held me tall, erect and fixed to the spot. A manikin’s existence seemed comparable to mine. These thoughts and feelings can never be erased. They seem to be impregnated into the very structure of my biological make up, as if they are, in some strange way, a new set of genes. Provoked into action by a sight, sound or smell, each time the grooves of these emotions become etched deeper into my whole existence. Forgiveness being my salvation. Memory my tormentor. My mother’s death has left a long lasting rippling effect on my life and I am sure my brother’s too. To some extent it even spills over into my children’s lives. My children’s days have lacked the richness most grandmothers radiate to the existence of their grandchildren; their caring hands, their warm, gentle touch, their unchallenging, patient ear; knowledge and wisdom that only our elders possess through life experiences; wise words that may have infiltrated and enriched my children’s thoughts, shaping, moulding and inspiring even an infinitesimal part of their lives. But they are to naive or could it be to innocent to understand how this would affect their own mortality. I was six, just a baby really. When I look at my own children I get totally blown away. Blown away by the whole impact of this entire life-changing event. Even now as an adult I’m not sure if I could cope with such a traumatic experience. How did I cope that morning when I was awoken by the strange sounds of hushed voices? I do not even remember who told me; was not a member of my family. Not a single warming comforting face amongst any of them. From that moment on, my brothers, one younger, aged eighteen months and one older than myself, aged eight, lived with our grandparents and our aunt and uncle. We were whisked away from our roots that were, never to be returned to, or to be mentioned again; until we as adults felt the need to retrace, recollect and look at things in hindsight for our own satisfaction and personal needs. Many times I pondered and dwelt on the notion of revisiting those past concrete visions, visions edited by my own fair hand, captured and stored in the archives of my own being. At times, I wonder if I have all the pieces. I wonder if I collated and collected them as it really was. Did I miss something? Was that intentional? Do I really need to add, adjust or amend my visions and knowledge of that day? The ones I have become so accustomed to. Do I wish to discard my comfortable old slippers in exchange for a new pair that may irritate and cause blisters? These questions pose an eternal dilemma within me. I do have a wont, a desirer, a yearning you may call it, a yearning, which burns, burns for the truth. Yet truth has a partner, a partner called fear. This enormous fear hangs over me, like a guillotine hangs above the head of its victim. Would Mother Nature call that self-preservation? A disguised, darken angel, sent to protect me from the ills of truth? My life was totally transformed that spring morning. I was propelled out of a secure, warm, safe and caring environment, into a world that seemed at the time like a cold, stark, lonely and barren existence. This place was miles (not only in distance, but in emotion) from my normal surroundings. As an adult, I can compare the contrast of these two different settings with slightly more rationality. But then, all of those years ago, at that very moment in my life, analysing and evaluating the structural and materialistic things around me must have seemed an insignificant notion to have. I could not think about, let alone analyse, anything beyond my own tormented feelings of sheer pain, anguish, neglect, betrayal and above all anger. Yes anger! This was by far the overriding feeling. At times the anger was quashed by guilt, yet this sense of guilt burned deep inside fuelling the fire of the anger once more. Anger that my mother had left; disappeared, forever out of my life. Bereft of the tender, loving, affectionate hands that so often comforted me and tucked me neatly onto my warm, cosy bed. This bedtime thought always evoked copious tears to drench my pillow late at night. How dare my mother do that! Did she not know that parents live forever? Did she not realise that I would be the one that would be left to take the role of mother to her youngest son, my brother? This accolade I did not wish for. I was far too young to grasp the enormity of this duty bestowed upon me by circumstances. As a child you invent mysterious coping strategies to evade the inevitable truth. For weeks, after the death of my mother, denial was my master. I would slowly unfasten my eyes, as dawn’s uncaring hand stirred me from my serene slumber, shutting them firmly again in a flash. My logic at this age made perfect sense, I thought that if I did not see the world, then it did not exist. If the world did not exist, then I was not part of it either. If I were not part of the world, logic would have it, that I must be somewhere else. So if I were somewhere else, then that awful event had not really occurred and pain would no longer consume me. Consequently, if I were no longer in pain, it stood to reason that my mother would still be alive. At this point my body would swiftly transport me back to truth, the grinding of my empty stomach would compel me to open my eyes once more. As a child I always hoped that my eyes would be my betrayer; visions of dreams that could be dispelled and forgotten in a trice. Once again I would ardently shut my eyes, mustering up the entirety of my thoughts and powers in a last ditched attempt to dispel those awful, distressing events, hoping that they were all just feigned.

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Gay Marriage Is A Big Problem - 848 Words

Gay marriage in America is a big problem in our world today, a lot of people in the Untied States and in our country’s do not believe in same sex Marriage. But the Untied State Supreme Court passed the bill for same sex marriage to be legal in all 50 states of America. But the real question is why is this a big situation in America or across the world? Why was so many people was against it? Well let me give you a few reason why it was a big problem in America. June 28, 1968 is when the gay right moment started in the USA, but the gay rights fight started before 1968 it was just brought to the for front of america in 1968. One of the reasons why the movement started because, in New York a gay bar was raid by police and was harassed for being gay and just trying to be who they are. But back in those day America was very religious I mean back in the 60’s you would be out cast if you had sex before marriage. But when they was trying to get the same sex law or bill if you wa nt to call it pass they had a lot of people that was fighting against them. The scriptures they would come up against all the time was Leviticus 20:13 â€Å"If a man also lie with mankind, as he leith with a woman, both of them have committed and abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.† Another scripture that would come up too was 1 Tim 1:8-10 â€Å"We know that the law is good if one uses it properly. We also know that the law is made not for the righteous but for lawbreakers andShow MoreRelatedThe Unconstitutionality of Banning Gay Marriage Essay1594 Words   |  7 PagesBanning gay marriage across the United States is directly against the constitution and violates the unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The scumbags in the government however, make almost impossible to pass these laws for homosexual individuals. A man with reason like Aristotle for example, believes that the main duty of humans is to th e use the ability of reason and consciousness in the pursuit of the ultimate life good or happiness. Happiness is what we strive forRead MoreGay Marriage Should Be Legal1453 Words   |  6 Pagesunpunished, and in which discrimination is being written into our laws† John Conyers once said. Marriage is a sacred word that has been used through centuries to unite man and woman to become one through holy matrimony. This definition has been the same throughout time until recently. Recently society has come to the understanding that a marriage between man and woman is no longer the only form of marriage that can be performed. The definition has been elongated by also saying that the state of beingRead MoreLegalization of Gay Marriage Essay1285 Words   |  6 PagesLegalization of gay marriage has been a major controversial topic for a long time. Although, many people do not know what it means to be homosexual, most people do not know the actual definition of homosexuality and they do not know how difficult it is to be gay in this society. There are many reasons why people are against gay marriage and homosexuals all together. Most of the reasons are based on religious bias another big reason is being afraid of the unknown. Some smaller reasons are that beingRead MoreGay Marriage Should Be Legal in All States1632 Words   |  7 Pagesbeen Gay Marriage. Whether same-sex couples should be given the right to marry or even if same-sex couples should be given rights at all, this has been a contentious discussion which creates division and disunity throughout the country. The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage. Gay marriage has been legalized in 17 states. But only 19 of 194 countries allow for gay marriage. Statistics show more than half the country supports Gay MarriageRead MoreGay Marriage : A Negative Effect On Society And How The Government Deals With It957 Words   |  4 PagesCarlos Ulloa Political Science 3346 Professor Chounlamountry November 29 2015 Gay Marriage My topic is about gay marriage and how is really has a negative effect on society and how the government deals with it. As society and our government goes through changes people of certain groups don’t really let us move on and develop as a nation of diversity. These people have a name and they belong to the cultural lag group which doesn’t let us move forward because for there way of thinking By having theRead MoreGay Marriage Should Not Be Condemned1108 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction There has been heated debate’s concerning gay marriage’s in the world. Some people support gay marriage while others do not. Gay marriage is a marital union that involves two adults of the same gender. For instance, a woman and another or marriage involving two men would constitute a gay marriage. Generally, this issue has been prevalent in the developed countries such as the United States; but it is a fact those kinds of marriages exist in other countries in the world over, only thatRead MoreArticle On Gay Marriage Rights1686 Words   |  7 PagesEnglish 101 10/25/16 Krietcsh Gay Marriage Rights Can you believe that in some parts of the world it is still illegal to be homosexual , or better yet to marry the person you love if they are the same sex as you? Many people use religion to try a stop gay marriage rights. But religion has nothing to do with the fact that it is every human being’s right to marry the person they love.Gay Marriage has always been around for example â€Å"Evidence exists that same-sex marriages were tolerated in parts of MesopotamiaRead MoreSame Sex Marriage Should Be Legal in All States1390 Words   |  5 PagesSame Sex Marriage Should Be Legal in All States When you see the word marriage, what do you see or think of? Majorities of Americans will see a man and a woman together. That’s because it is a tradition that marriage is between a man and a woman. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could marry the love of their life? Unfortunately, same sex marriage is banned in thirty-two states and only legalized in eighteen states. So why can’t gay and lesbian couples marry each other? Same sex marriage is protectedRead MoreThe Right of All: Legalize Same-Sex Marriage Essay1402 Words   |  6 Pagessomeone of the same sex. People live that live everyday of their lives, except opposite. The big question about same-sex marriage is if it should be legal or not, and why? The problem with same-sex marriage is that if the US allows it, we don’t know how the US would react. A big argument against same-sex marriage is that they shouldn’t be allowed to marry because they are not able to procreate. That problem has a simp le answer(s) and its called adoption, or artificial insemination. So although same-sexRead MoreLegalizing The Same Sex Marriage1118 Words   |  5 Pagesvariety of social problems and one of the most controversial issues is legalizing the homosexual marriage. The social movement for legalizing the same-sex marriage in U.S. started in the 1970s. People who support homosexual marriage carried on their campaign arguing that banning gay marriage is a ‘discrimination’, which is similar to the prohibition of racial intermarriage that existed in past. Since lots of homosexuals all around the world insist their basic rights of marriage, there are plenty